Educational material is continually being developed:
  • Guidelines for primary school teachers for lessons on amphibians are available online. At four levels, on the life cycle of a frog for the youngest children up to identifying common native species for the older pupils. There is also a lesson on the problem of “toads on the roads” during the spring migration of amphibians.
  • Identification charts
  • Folders to help with difference between look-alikes or easily confused species
  • Apps to help with identification of reptiles and amphibians
  • Folders to advise about the best management for certain species or species groups


  • Recognition and biology of amphibians, reptiles and freshwater fish
  • Conservation – with the practical lessons on field trips.


  • For people working for Local authorities, Water boards or Nature management organizations
  • For people working at various levels within an organization, from the person carrying out the practical work to the person designing the management plan.


RAVON organizes excursions to locations all over the country in order to train people to recognize amphibians, reptiles and freshwater fish species. There are also field trips where participants learn about monitoring, and others where the focus is on research or management.

  RAVON is de kennisorganisatie voor reptielen, amfibieën en vissen. Advies, onderzoek & bescherming.   Telefoon: 024-7410600
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